Ramen Finance is a Berachain-native decentralized token launchpad protocol powering liquidity bootstrapping and price discovery for new assets.


At Ramen, we hold a bullish-outlier view that Berachain has all the key ingredients necessary to emerge as a leading L1 network harboring a vibrant DeFi ecosystem.

Since Berachain’s non-transferrable governance token, $BGT, can only be earned by providing liquidity to approved dApps, this token system perfectly ties and aligns governance interests to parties who are contributing value and liquidity over a period of time to the ecosystem.

As such, Proof-of-Liquidity is a giant flywheel that incentivizes and retains sticky liquidity within the ecosystem, which will present a huge pull factor to builders and developers launching innovative and exciting technology.

The signs of a budding DeFi ecosystem are evident: Berachain has nurtured a collaborative ecosystem that now features over 200 dApps and protocols across an entire spectrum of DeFi and NFT-related primitives preparing to launch on mainnet.


We believe that Berachain’s deep liquidity will continue to attract new protocols. As such, we believe our mission of serving the liquidity needs of early-stage protocols will bring about net positive impact to the ecosystem:

  • For developers and builders: We provide a battle-proven solution that ensures efficient liquidity bootstrapping, effective token distribution and transparent price discovery among active, genuine users in the ecosystem

  • For users: Getting exposure into new projects is a viable and exciting strategy to capitalize on the growth of Berachain. We provide exposure to promising, high-potential projects by establishing a fair and decentralized allocation distribution mechanism

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