Hungrybera NFT Launch

7,500 unique generative NFTs granting exclusive perks to the founding members of Ramen Finance

On February 21 2024, the Ramen Finance team organized the Hungrybera NFT launch as our first liquidity bootstrapping event. All 7,500 Hungrybera NFTs were minted swiftly by 3,127 unique wallets, raising 561.47 ETH in the process.


OpenSea: Element:


Some perks from owning a Hungrybera NFT include:

  • Token airdrop for gRAMEN

  • Boost GACHA earn rate

  • Exclusive community role and private channels

  • Allowlist and testnet/beta access to other DeFi/GameFi/NFT projects on Berachain

  • More to come


Total supply: 7,500 NFTs


Free Mint



Priority Mint


0.069 ETH

Public Mint


0.12 ETH

*300 NFTs randomly selected from the collection was reserved for partner protocols and community members

Use of funds

Funds raised from the Hungrybera NFT sale is controlled from a team multi-sig wallet and will be used for the following purposes:

  • Technical development and smart contract audits

  • Operational expenses for team

Additional notes

  • Royalties: The royalties for the secondary trading of Hungrybera NFTs is 0%.

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