Partnerships will be announced on all the communications channel. This page will be updated as we unveil more partnerships.

Ramen Finance is currently actively seeking partnerships and collaborations with all protocols building on Berachain. If you are considering and/or planning to launch your token on Berachain, please reach out to us via Discord or Twitter.


The Honey Jar/ApDAO

About ApiologyDAO: ApiologyDAO functions as a hive-like superstructure, establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with the Berachain Ecosystem organism. ApDAO strategically invests capital and resources into essential Berafi protocols, fostering the growth of the Berachain eco.

About this partnership:

  • Ramen receives 1% of DAO seats for ApDAO and is the exclusive token launchpad partner for ApDAO, in exchange for 2.5% of the total $RAMEN supply, locked as gRAMEN.

Standard & Paws

About Standard & Paws: S&P is a Rating System assessing the credibility of projects within the Berachain Ecosystem. It is an open-source, community-driven 150-point system meticulously designed to assess project legitimacy. Elevated scores not only signify heightened effort and coordination but also act as a reliable proxy for trustworthiness. Its ability to establish a benchmark sets this system apart, providing a solid foundation for ongoing project evaluation.

About this partnership:

  • The Ramen Curated Launches presents the perfect use case for the Standard & Paws rating system, offering an independent and reliable source of due diligence for the Berachain community and Ramen users.

  • Standard & Paws ratings and reports of the various protocols will be made available to all Ramen Curated Launch participants on the launch event pages.

  • The Ramen team will invest resources to co-develop Standard & Paws without interfering with the impartiality and credibility of its due diligence processes.


Beramonium: Contributed Hungrybera NFTs to Beramonium pre-launch raffle; Beramonium minted Hungrybera NFTs to Treasury

GumBall Protocol: Completed Discord roles raffle; NFT whitelist spots for mainnet beta access

Yeet: 25% discount on mint price for Hungrybera NFT holders

IVX: Testnet access codes for Ramen community

AWG: Whitelist spots for AWG genesis NFT collection

Smilee: Exclusive testnet access for Hungrybera NFT holders

Holoframe: Created AR frames for Hungrybera

CookedCxnts: Created custom music video for Ramen; whitelist collab

Berautistics: NFTs and whitelist spots to Ramen community

Bera Monks: Whitelist spots; exclusive channels unlocked for Hungrybera NFT holders

Bera Puppets: Whitelist spots for Ramen community

Junky Ursas: NFTs and whitelist spots to Ramen community

Steadefi: Airdrop for Hungrybera NFT holders

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