Airdrop Recipes

MAGA – Make Airdrops Great Again

Objectives/Pain Points to Solve:

  • How can we make it simpler for protocols to execute custom token airdrop campaigns?

  • How can we use token airdrops to capture attention for token launches sustainably?

  • How can we create more value to Berachain ecosystem participants, NFT holders, and platform users?

Airdrop Recipes

Imagine getting multiple token airdrops and pre-sale allocation just for holding a Bit Bear NFT. With Airdrop Recipes, we make that happen – Beras are about to eat good.

The Airdrop Recipes feature is inspired by the strong NFT culture in Berachain: Since the mint of Bong Bears NFTs and the distribution of the subsequent rebases, Berachain community members have related to each other through their Bera NFTs as a common identity. In addition, most of the OG Bera NFT holders happen to be experienced DeFi/NFTFi users.

As such, we envision that many new protocols launching on Berachain will likely engage and attract Berachain ecosystem users and community members through custom token airdrops based on NFT holdings.

We believe it is an optimal user experience to build Airdrop Recipes as an integrated feature to token launches. With this feature, we are creating a Berachain-exclusive launchpad experience where token airdrop claims occur seamlessly and concurrently with token launches.

Making airdrops simple to launch

We make it easy for protocols to create custom airdrop campaigns to be hosted natively on Ramen Finance, running seamlessly with their token launch.

  • Custom whitelist upload: Protocols can reward early community members by uploading allowlisted addresses and corresponding token airdrop allocations

  • NFT and token holders: Want to engage holders of Bong Bears and its rebases? Or holders of any ecosystem NFT collections? We make it easy for project founders to pick and choose NFT collections, take a snapshot, and execute the campaign

  • Ramen active users: Maximize exposure for your token launch by creating a token airdrop to gRAMEN holders – project founders can specify the minimum gRAMEN value requirement for the airdrop so they can attract the most active Ramen users to the token launch

We are actively looking for partners to co-create Airdrop Recipes – If you would like Ramen to whitelist and include your NFT collection as part of the Recipes, or if you have interesting ideas to create new Recipes, please reach out to us via Discord.

Benefits to participating protocols

  • Save on time and engineering resources to create and market your token airdrop campaign

  • Capture attention for your token launch

  • Ensure optimal efficiency for your airdrop campaign: Eligible recipients are required to opt-in and claim their token airdrops, which creates the opportunity for them to learn more about your product and launch

  • Collaborate with us to market your token airdrop campaign for maximum cost efficiency

  • Rest assured as the token vesting contracts will be audited by reputable smart contract audit firms to ensure the highest standards of safety and security

Making airdrops easy to claim

Eligible airdrop recipients can claim their token airdrops regardless whether they have gRAMEN or if they are contributing to the token launch. Simply check your eligibility, stake your claim, and wait for the airdrop to happen – it's that simple.

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