Gacha Kitchen

Say it out loud, it's fun to say 'Gacha Kitchen'.

Objectives/Pain Points to Solve:

  • How can we create a fair and decentralized allocation distribution system such that genuine contributors and users stand to benefit the most from Ramen?

  • How can we build Ramen such that it becomes a positive-sum force for the ecosystem and our partner protocols?

  • How can we make the platform more equitable for users with smaller portfolios to use "sweat equity" to earn allocation?

Gacha is an off-chain points system that users can expend to reserve allocation in Curated Launches. However, it is not the typical points system that entitles users to native token airdrops. Do not hoard Gacha.

The key idea is to keep the gRAMEN position separate from an expendable allocation reservation mechanism. This maintains the integrity of gRAMEN as a governance token with governance and revenue-sharing perks and allows gRAMEN holders to redeem for $RAMEN upon expiry.

We envision the Gacha Kitchen to be a dynamic, adjustable system where users can earn and spend Gacha for allocation without having to incur gas fees or needing contract upgrades whenever the parameters of the emissions and earn rate of Gacha are changed.

Gacha Kitchen – Participation in Curated Launches

Gacha is an off-chain allocation system that represents a vested option to reserve allocation in Curated Launches. Users cannot buy or sell Gacha; your Gacha is non-transferable and indefinitely associated to your wallet address. Gacha is not an on-chain token.

Before a Curated Launch:

Users will be informed of the Gacha requirement for one ticket on the launch information page. Each winning ticket will whitelist the user to contribute funds up to a fixed allocation cap for the token sale.

For example (figures are used for illustration purposes only):

  • Noral is interested in the Curated Launch for $RAMEN token

  • It takes 200 Gacha for one ticket in this Curated Launch

  • Noral registers for the Curated Launch and 200 Gacha is removed from her Gacha balance

  • If Noral does not have enough Gacha for a ticket, she can earn more Gacha before the Curated Launch

  • Regardless of whether Noral has won allocation, she will not get a refund on her Gacha balance

  • Noral will be able to participate in multiple concurrent Curated Launches as long as she has sufficient Gacha

Earning Gacha

Lock $RAMEN for gRAMEN for base Gacha earn rate

When you lock $RAMEN tokens for gRAMEN, you will begin to earn GACHA passively at a pre-determined rate in regular intervals. Holding gRAMEN is the only way to earn GACHA. Increasing your gRAMEN position is one of the ways to earn more GACHA.

The emission and earn rate of GACHA can be adjusted by the Gacha Kitchen, a module that is controlled by the Ramen Finance team.

Boost Gacha earn rate by completing Ramen Quests

Ramen Quests can be on-chain and off-chain actions that users can take to earn more Gacha. When these actions are completed, the users' Gacha earn rate will be boosted for that epoch. Ramen Quests will be updated from time to time.

Note that completing Ramen Quests will boost the Gacha earn rate, which requires the user to hold some minimum amount of gRAMEN in the first place.

The Ramen Quests feature accomplishes two objectives:

  • Helps users with smaller portfolios earn Gacha faster, thereby reducing capital dominance

  • Allows the platform to craft Quests that create a positive impact on the ecosystem e.g. hold an ecosystem NFT, provide liquidity and lock LP tokens, deposit assets in vaults, join a community etc.

Users do not necessarily have to participate in the Quests to be qualified for Curated Launches, nor does the participation in the Quests give the users a higher chance of winning allocation. The Quests simply provide an avenue for users with smaller portfolios to take action and earn more Gacha.

Gacha on gRAMEN position expiry

Once a gRAMEN position has expired, the user will cease to earn Gacha. However, any existing Gacha balance will remain associated to the user's wallet and the user may expend it on upcoming launches if they have sufficient balance.

Transparency and fairness for Gacha Kitchen

To ensure transparency and fairness of the Gacha Kitchen and to assure all users that the Gacha Kitchen will not be abused deliberately or unintentionally to favour certain users or parties, a query dashboard will be built and released publicly where users can independently query Gacha balances and verify Gacha emissions are rightfully emitted and boosted. The Gacha Kitchen codebase will also be undergoing third-party code audits, and the audit results will be made publicly to users.

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