Product Features & Roadmap

We envision Berachain as the hub for leading DeFi developers and projects, thanks to its liquidity-incentivized infrastructure and tokenomics. Our mission is to serve the liquidity needs of early-stage projects that push boundaries and build next-generation DeFi narratives and utilities.

The First Arc – Key Features and Highlights

Ramen will be deploying a feature-complete launchpad protocol with audited contracts when Berachain mainnet goes live.

Gacha Kitchen: Stake $RAMEN, earn Gacha

Users will be able to start earning Gacha by owning gRAMEN tokens, which can be used to reserve allocation in upcoming Curated Launches.

Learn more about Gacha.

Airdrop Recipes: Making airdrops great

Airdrops should be fun. Airdrops should be easy. Airdrops for the beras.

Airdrop Recipes is a native token airdrop management module on Ramen. Through Airdrop Recipes, protocols can create token airdrop campaigns to reward early community members, supporters, users, and NFT holders directly through Ramen Finance.

Even without gRAMEN or participating in the token launches, eligible airdrop recipients will be able to claim their token airdrops.

Airdrop Recipes will be an independent product offering: Token airdrop campaigns can be organized with a Curated Launch, a Permissionless Launch, or as an isolated event.

Read more about Airdrop Recipes.

Curated Launches & Permissionless Launches

Curated Launches are standard fixed-price token sales from established and high-potential protocols. gRAMEN holders will be able to reserve allocation in the token sale with their Gacha.

Permissionless Launches will be a novel mechanism to launch a token and bootstrap early liquidity with 100% transparent and organic onchain market making and price discovery. This mode of token launches will provide maximum flexibility and accessibility with no token lock-up or vesting period for the users, and is entirely governed by gRAMEN holders.

Product integrations for productive liquidity deployment & utility

A successful token sale is not the end of the story. The liquidity raised on Ramen will be deployed automatically to liquidity pools and lending pools with our partner protocols, to ensure deep liquidity and utility of the tokens from day one. The LP tokens will then be locked and vested in an audited timelock contract.

Beyond the First Arc

Beyond the First Arc is where we have the opportunity to build Ramen Finance as a token launch protocol unlike any other, uniquely designed and tailored to Berachain.

New launch mechanisms

In the subsequent Arcs, we will be exploring new allocation distribution mechanisms. We will launch a new product where protocol tokens, memecoins, and community coins can launch their tokens permissionlessly.

Progressive transition to community governance

The goal is to progressively involve the Ramen community into product development, policy, and processes improvements.

Brand new complementary features

We will be exploring the implementation of never-before-seen features that will enhance the user experience of Ramen Finance, building the platform as a one-stop-shop for all token markets.

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