Or Ramenomics, if you will.

Max supply of $RAMEN tokens: 100,000,000 (100M)

We are introducing a novel tokenomics mechanism, designed meticulously to drive positive outcomes in the adoption of the protocol, and lead Ramen Finance towards progressive autonomy, sustainability, and decentralization.

$RAMEN has a maximum total supply of 100 million. There is no further emissions for $RAMEN tokens.

The distribution of $RAMEN tokens are detailed below (note that this is subjected to change):

  • Community Incentives: 60%

  • Ecosystem Partnerships: 7.5%

  • Core Contributors: 19%

  • Strategic Investors and Advisors: 6%

  • Token Sale and Genesis Pools: 7.5%

Community Incentives

60 million $RAMEN tokens will be distributed to users over 4 airdrop seasons, designed to incentivize positive actions in different phases of growth for Ramen Finance. All community incentives are awarded in the form of gRAMEN for maximum alignment.

From this allocation, 16 million $RAMEN tokens (16.0%) will be exclusively reserved for Hungrybera NFT holders, awarded in the first airdrop season, in the form of gRAMEN.

Ecosystem Partnerships

This allocation is designed to align value and incentives in long-term partnerships with key protocols in the Berachain ecosystem. All partnership allocation will be made in gRAMEN. All balance unclaimed tokens are transferred to the Community Incentives treasury.

Core Contributors

Tokens awarded to Core Contributors are unlocked linearly over 18 months starting from the token launch; all receivables to Core Contributors are made in gRAMEN and vested over 16 weeks.

Any revenue sharing accrued to gRAMEN collected by the team as a result of the team allocation will be deposited in a separate multisig contract, and may be used to support community initiatives and/or financial support to public goods development in the Berachain ecosystem, deployed at the Ramen Finance team's discretion.

Token Sale and Genesis Pools

We will be releasing an allocation of $RAMEN tokens through a launchpad event on Ramen Launchpad. Initial liquidity pools and lending pools for $RAMEN will be seeded through this allocation.

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